Batman Arkham Asylum II (working title)


Batman Arkham City

Hugo Strange takes on the the villainous role in the the upcoming Batman Arkham City. This is the VGA trailer.

Batman Arkham City

Batman heads into Arkham City as the debut trailer arrives. See why the dark knight is called the world`s greatest detective. Catch glimpses of Two-Face and see gargoyles augmented with helicopters.

Batman Arkham City

Get a look at some of the environments that you will see in the game along with Harley and the Joker.

Batman Arkham City - Catwoman

Catwoman has been revealed as a playable character and here is the trailer to go along with the announcement.

Batman Arkham City - Enter the Riddler

The Riddler takes center stage in this quick video for the upcoming sequel in the Batman Arkham series. Riddle me this, Batblunder, what has a two eyes but cannot see? Not you I hope!

Batman Arkham City Challenge Map Pack

Batman Arkham City got some new DLC content this week including a Map pack and here is a trailer showing off what is included in that pack.

Batman Arkham City DLC Suit Pack

Along with that Map Pack was also a suit pack with Nightwing, Robin and Batman Inc suits. Check them all out in action.

Batman Arkham City Robin DLC

Batman gets a sidekick in Arkham City, Robin joins the crew.

Batman: Arkham City - The Joker

The Joker is in the spotlight in this latest Batman Arkham City trailer.

Batman: Arkham City Mr. Freeze - GamesCom 2011

Mr. Freeze joins the part in Arkham City with this great reveal trailer from GamesCom 2011.

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